J.H. Berra Paving Co., Inc.
J.H. Berra Paving Company, Inc. is dedicated to providing our customers with concrete streets that conform to the many municipal standards in which we work, in a timely and cost efficient manner.

In the spring of 1993, the organization saw a need in the St. Louis area for a high quality concrete paving company. After hiring the best available workforce and investing in state of the art equipment, J.H. Berra Paving Company was ready for business. From that first year to today, the paving company has poured nearly 500 miles of residential, commercial, and industrial streets. This work has been accomplished in close cooperation with the developers to maintain their schedules and budgets. This spirit of cooperation has created a loyal customer base that repeatedly uses J.H. Berra for their concrete paving needs.

Currently, J.H. Berra Paving Company employs over sixty union employees. This workforce is divided into three pouring crews, three trimming crews, one saw cutting crew, and one sealing crew. The Company performs all the tasks necessary for completing a paving project from the trimming of the sub-grade, pouring the streets, to saw cutting and sealing the streets. The Company often uses its own portable batch plant which plays a key role in completing a project in the window of opportunity that is available. This batch plant allows the Company to complete jobs even if redi-mix plants are not able to provide concrete.

J.H. Berra Paving Company is committed to the future by utilizing the most current paving technologies available. This commitment includes the recent purchase of two new CMI trimmers. The Company also, in an effort to better serve and expand its customer base, will continually increase its workforce and equipment fleet. Part of this effort includes a new focus to expand into the metro east area of Illinois.

With the commitment of ownership, J.H. Berra Paving Company stands ready to meet the ever growing demand for high quality concrete paving projects. This commitment extends to both, Missouri and Illinois for both, residential and commercial paving projects completed on time and on budget.