Grading/Blasting Division
J. H. Berra Construction Co.’s Grading Division is dedicated to providing our customers with a finished site no matter the beginning topography of the land. We are prepared to make your site plan a reality.

The Grading Division has a fleet of over one hundred crawler loaders, dozers, scrapers, trucks, excavators and support equipment that enables it to tackle any type of excavation or grading project. In addition this division stands ready to tackle any rock formations that we encounter with our 11 track drills that we employ making us the largest blasting contractor in St. Louis. With an operation of this size we are capable of working on fifteen to twenty projects at any one time which is imperative when your grading season is only eight to nine months long. Along with this large fleet of equipment we have two superintendents, and ten foremen who bring their knowledge and many years of experience to the company.

As with any type of equipment, there are breakdowns and in order to minimize this inconvenience we have eight mechanics in field trucks and ten mechanics in our main repair facility. These employees keep the equipment running and moving dirt. This is in addition to the financial commitment we make in updating our equipment every year.

We take pride in saying that no job is too large or small. From the simple clearing of trees and moving a few thousand cubic yards of dirt to the building of the Highway M corridor in which we moved 8,000,000 cubic yards of dirt and rock, we tackle all these projects in the same cost efficient and professional manner.

Some other notable projects that we have completed are the 1,300,000 cubic yards of dirt and rock moved at Gravois Bluffs East Shopping Center, the 1,000,000 cubic yards of dirt and rock moved at the Providence Subdivision in Herculaneum Missouri, and the 800,000 cubic yards

of imported fill that was hauled in to build the new MSD treatment plant in south St. Louis County.

With the equipment fleet and experience that comes from completing projects like those listed above, J. H. Berra Construction Co.s’ Grading Division can complete any earth moving project.