About JH Berra
John H. Berra formed J.H. Berra Construction Co. after years of working as a laborer in the sewer construction field and was later joined by his son, John H. Berra Jr.. Today, J.H. Berra Construction Co. and its affiliated companies (JHB) have become a dominant force in the St. Louis region's construction industry employing over 500 skilled workers in all facets of site development from land acquisition, site development and design, surveying and engineering, to grading, blasting, utility installation, and paving. JHB offers vertically integrated solutions for residential, commercial, and municipal projects of every size.

John H. Berra began operations as the J.H. Berra Construction Company in 1963. In only 6 years, the company grew to 40 employees running multiple sewercrews. The acquisition of a competitor in 1970 made JHB the largest sewer contractor in St. Louis. In 1975, JHB moved into grading; ultimately investing in over 100 pieces of equipment and personnel to support this operation. In 1980 John H. Berra, Jr. came to work for the company and began learning all facets of the business working at his father’s side. In 1981, JHB created BeCo Concrete Products, Inc. to manufacture concrete pipe up to 12' in diameter and in 1986 BeCo acquired a competitive concrete pipe manufacturer giving them a 40% market share in the St. Louis region. In 1987 John H. Berra Jr. was named President of J.H.Berra Construction Co. and assumed management of the company and all its affiliated companies giving rise to more opportunities for expansion. In 1990, JHB formed a land development division. In 1993, JHB formed a concrete paving division and in 1994 purchased an engineering and surveying company operated as Sterling Engineering & Surveying Co. With these acquisitions, we truly offer "one stop shopping" for site development.

Our people continue to be our most valuable asset. Today, John H. Berra Jr. is President and CEO of J.H. Berra Construction Co. supervising and managing all day to day operations of all divisions and affiliated companies.The Berra family is involved in nearly every aspect of our operations and we are proud of the accomplishments and low turnover rate of employees and the stability they bring to our customer relationships. Construction projects can run into difficulties due to weather, natural site issues, municipal regulations, and a variety of other obstacles. Our experienced and hands on approach to management can assist in keeping your project moving forward. Every JHB Vice-President has over 25 years of experience in our industry and will provide the confidence, leadership, and commitment to assure the successful, timely completion of your project.

Mission Statement
JHB provides the necessary equipment, personnel, and financial strength to take on and complete any size site work project in and around the St. Louis, MO metropolitan region. We offer the best solutions in site development for residential, commercial, and municipal projects. We offer vertical integration, experience, and strength through our divisions and affiliated companies. This provides our customers with the assurance that projects will be completed with maximum respect for time, budgets, and unique considerations which may arise during the course of a project.